So, You Think You Live With Bipolar?

    I have had so many people since I have been diagnosed and shared this with them who believed they themselves were bipolar. Now, as much as I find this laughable because I was always trying to convince myself that I wasn't mentally ill, without success of course, I completely understand as someone who made worrying a full time job for 20 years. 

    A little reminder, 98% of the people who watch this video are not living with bipolar (well, maybe it's quite a bit higher considering the demo, but you get the point). I completely understand that many of the struggles I deal with are similar to those you might go through yourself; I would just like to think that mine are on steroids and like to present at the exact same time. For instance, if something triggers my anxiety, I am going to be more prone to hypomania and become obsessed with multiple ideas or projects, which then can lead exhaustion and clinical depression, avoidance and even more heightened levels of anxiety, anger and irritability.... always, you get the point, there is a hell of a lot going on and as they say, "there are levels to this shit".

Now, if any of this video does sound familiar to yourself or someone in your life, there MIGHT be some reason for concern, but obtaining an opinion or three from licensed professionals is the only way to find out. And do not be scared, ashamed, or hesitant as understanding as it is to feel those emotions, one of two things will be true:

1. You may be dealing with anxiety, depression or just your everyday malaise and are capable of being quite mentally healthy by changing your outlook, your routine, seeing a therapist, or any other method. 

2. You live with a serious mental health condition and can finally receive the help you desperately need which will allow you to create a plan that more than likely will allow for a lasting (important) and greatly improved lifestyle and who knows, you might even enjoy life again like me (some days...). 

    I had a lot of fun with this video even though I shared some pretty awful stories! On that note, enjoy the video and reach out if you have any questions and please follow and share using the tags below!!

Lee Formella
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