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11 Ways I Found (Some Semblance of) Stability Living with Bipolar

     After living with my bipolar diagnosis for over three and a half years now, one thing has become the focus, and at times, obsession of my life. Am I stable for the time being? Or is it okay to calm down a little bit and trust myself more? At the risk of sounding like I do not know what the hell I am talking about the next time I go through a major mood swing (not if, but when in all likelihood), I do finally feel a little confidence that I have set myself up to live somewhat stable and be prepared to ward off or limit the effects of any impending mood swings.      I want to justify why I feel okay writing about this even more or further  delving into the overwhelming sense of impostor syndrome that seems to follow my brain around every step of self-improvement and confidence, I'm going to try to trust myself just a little and jump in (or get in the shallow end cautiously). Here are the 11 ways in which I have found some stability living with bipolar. I did a video on this as

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