Bipolar II and Hypomania


    I go through a little refresher on bipolar disorder and the difference between Bipolar I and II. Then I really dive into my experiences, or lack thereof, with hypomania. It turns out, I just didn't know what hypomania was. I describe my latest experience with the delightful beast that brought so much happiness and excitement and energy, but led to devastating depression. I also discuss how hypomania led to me ignoring all of other symptoms of bipolar and a quick hypomanic drinking story!

    Also, I would love to do a Q & A at some point. I might be getting way ahead of myself here based on how many people read/watch, but if you have any questions about bipolar or living with bipolar, please reach out; leave a comment, DM on IG or email. I think it would be really cool to answer your direct questions. Either way, thank you so much for watching and share, like and subscribe if you feel like it!

Lee Formella

@benefitsofbipolar on YouTube

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