New Interview Series!!!

Wow, I have been so busy and excited about this new part of my YouTube channel that I neglected to post them on here. You can find the three I have published so far below! I'll be honest, I really wanted to do one every 2 weeks, but it is really going to be whenever I can book someone and can record.  

Never thought I would be trying to book guests, scheduling, recording, editing, posting, creating thumbnails and posts for my own "show", but here we are. It's definitely not the schedule I was hoping for, but it is what I have to be okay with for now. 

Please give these a watch since there is a bit of a gap in time, but there could be two new ones up in the next couple weeks. Either way, I'm so excited to bring more stories of people living with and overcoming bipolar disorder in the time to come. 

Thank you so much for visiting the site, please share this, the YouTube Channel, IG @benefits_of_bipolar and anything else you think could help someone you know!!

Warm Regards,

Lee Formella


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