A Sincere Apology Video & Follow Up


    I really found it important to take a step back and reflect on my past and who I was and who I may have hurt along the way before I continued to move forward. I very often and repetitively thought about if I should or how I should reach out to former friends, significant others and co-workers whom I disrespected, mistreated, and blamed for my own issues. I think I left out co-workers in my video or briefly mentioned it.  

   I meant to make a point of covering this, but everything that I spoke about in the video applies to them as well. I definitely wasn't a joy to work with and I brought a lot of drama and anger  into the kitchen often. I do not know the affect that it had on others, but I know that I was told that I was scary, intimidating and angry.

    While these descriptions offended and hurt me in extreme ways at the time, I do understand looking back. Here is where I forgive myself and look to how I can help shift this perspective in the future for others. If you see this happening at work, try to have compassion and understand that it is more than likely someone in crisis as I was for essentially 15 years and not trying to be a bad employee or co-worker.  
    This is not advice, but ideas on how to help. Try asking in a soft and kind way if they are okay or how you can help. Try telling them you understand their frustration, explain why their reaction wasn't okay and try to work together to find ways of reducing stress and anxiety if at all possible. But, really, the most important thing anyone can do is show compassion, a willingness to ask questions to truly understand and meet us half-way. For me, that is all I can ask. 

    Thank you as always and (I hate this part), please share, subscribe and like if you enjoy the content or think it can help someone you know. Finally, the biggest and most sincere thank you for the words of encouragement, this is invaluable and keeps me going. 

Lee Formella
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